About Me – Natania van Zyl

Meet Natania

In November 2018.. I was fed up, annoyed and I had had enough!

Nine years ago my corporate life started in procurement, a job that kind of found me. With no progression, growth or reward I knew 'there had to be more to life than this'?! I was very unhappy realizing my worth was at the mercy of others.

In 2016 I lost my father to cancer.  The household income diminished and I sat with some serious thoughts of where my life was heading. 

A month after the heartache, I stumbled across network marketing through an old friend.  I was skeptical, did my research and I had my questions answered and I realized that there was actually an exciting, 'new' way to build a profitable lifestyle business. 

Little did I know.. All excited, I swiped the credit card by purchasing my box of products and literature and went all in for this opportunity to build a business from home. It is something I always wanted to do.. "No more working 9-5, building a team in no time, replacing your salary and qualifying for incentives to resign a day job you hate.."  Sound familiar? It sounded like a dream come true and everything I have always wanted and more! 

Fast forward three years and I didn't have anything to show for it. 

🤦🏻‍♀️I had no idea how to make money like my mentors were.
I had no idea what I was doing wrong.

I always wondered:
❓Is this really going to work for me?
❓How can I make it?
❓Am I really going to be able to quit my 8-5 job?

💰See, I needed income and I needed it bad, but for me it just wasn't working out.

🤯 I couldn't keep up with all the events, the meetings, the travelling, the "must be apart of calls" when I was working a full time job and barely making ends meet.

😔I couldn't afford to buy $250 (at the time) products a month.
😔I couldn't afford to fly overseas, let alone over town.
😔I couldn't afford to drive miles and keep wasting petrol on meetings and presentations and have NO ONE show up!

I was SICK and TIRED of talking to strangers in shopping malls (felt like a 'mall shark') or stalking the waitress serving me coffee in the restaurant...

I just wanted to make $1500 to cover my expenses and get rid of the 8-5 grind!

...but I am not a quitter!

I needed to take a look at where I was and make a #change that was best for me.

I started to dig, do research, read articles, searched online, studied people that had what I wanted. And guess what?

I discovered the secret sauce... 'attraction marketing'!  A word I have heard before but I never investigated the power of it. What a great concept..  If you provide value to the market place, people will come to you. 

Making it easier for me to work towards the time and money freedom I have always wanted. My business have started to grow and I have seen results over night. Having people reach out to me and not the other way around.

And building from the comfort of my pajamas, has become the most amazing feeling ever.
The fact that I can tell other struggling network marketers that they can build this business from their phone/laptop, and NOT have to bug their family and friends, NOT have to stalk strangers, waste time and money on no-shows or be faced with REJECTION ever again, gets me even more excited! 

Building a home based business isn't a point and shoot kind of business.. Success always loves speed!  As long as you are willing to invest in yourself, invest in training's for your business, work hard, be coachable and willing to be mentored from those who are already successful. Success is never guaranteed, YOU are in control of your outcome.  I can only share my own experience with you through the training's, blog articles and products I have used and implemented that I recommend on this page.  You have to dive in and apply what you learn. 

I wish you the best in your business and I am looking forward hearing about your online marketing success.

To your success.

Natania xo