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The Problem with Prospecting & Recruiting with Social Media

If you’re recruiting with social media, there are many pitfalls you need to avoid. Let me tell you a story…. This February marked 3 years (2016) since I entered the network marketing arena and my life took a crazy detour into the world of entrepreneurship. I’ve undergone deep personal development and experienced more negativity and rejection […]

The Advantages of Being Small in Network Marketing

In the traditional business world, people think having a BIG business with a bunch of resources… …such as being able to hire the best, pay signing bonuses, issue stocks galore, cut enormous paychecks, and provide outrageous perks… …all SEEM like unfair advantages large corporations have over the “little guy.” But in actuality, being small has its own advantages. I’m currently reading […]

Maximize Your Blog Traffic in 9 Easy Steps

“Content marketing is the only marketing left.”That’s according to Seth Godin, circa 2008. But is the marketing legend and 17-time bestselling author correct? Well, yes and no. “No” because content marketing isn’t the only kind left. That’s obvious. There’s traditional marketing everywhere you turn. But it’s equally obvious that content marketing—blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.—is not only wickedly effective at engaging an audience, but […]

How to Break Away from Mediocrity and Come into Your Greatness

You’re about to discover four psychological traps that can keep you in mediocrity in all aspects of your life, your business, your health, and your relationships. Now, it’s true there are a lot of technical skill sets to learn regarding ads and marketing—and that’s important, no doubt. But sometimes you need to take a step back and […]

How to Identify Your True Target Market (Once and For All)

You already know the importance of “niching down” and going after a laser-targeted audience (…versus targeting everybody under the sun). But this poses a much bigger question, which could actually be killing your conversions… Are you targeting the right market? This might seem insultingly simple on the surface. But with that said, you very well be pulling the wool […]

Five Qualifying Questions from World-Class Closers That Will Instantly Help You Make More Sales

A successful network marketing business is predicated upon building a solid team of “A-players” who will produce and duplicate. So, needless to say, it’s super important to prospect the right people. Yet this is where just about everyone goes wrong. You see, most network marketers are so desperate for a quick buck they’ll recruit just about anyone who can fog a mirror. And hey, […]

The 5 Powerful Elements Your Facebook Posts MUST Contain to Passively Attract Prospects, Customers, & Recruits

Want to write more effective Facebook ads? …the kind that demand attention, encourage your audience to take action, and warm cold prospects into ready-to-buy customers? Well, you’re in luck… Because in this post I’m going to reveal the five psychological elements your Facebook updates and ads should contain to passively attract new prospects and customers, as well as, improve your […]

Seven Steps to Become an Extraordinary Entrepreneur

There are two types of entrepreneurs in the world… Average entrepreneurs and extraordinary entrepreneurs. And there’s a BIG difference between the two, especially in terms of how much money you can make and the kind of lifestyle you can achieve. This post is intended for entrepreneurs who aren’t content to settle for average, and don’t mind putting in a little elbow […]

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